Cardi B: Shows Off The Natural Hair Mask She Loves That She Learned From Her Caribbean Family

Baby Kulture approves of her mamma's beauty tricks, as Cardi B swears by this dominican-approved homemade mask for healthy hair. Watch it here!

Cardi B teaches her fans a natural hair mask
Cardi B teaches her fans a natural hair mask

Celebrities like Cardi B are turning to natural ingredients to enhance their hair routines. Recently the Bodak Yellow rapper showed her Instagram followers how she makes her own hair mask that she learned from her grandmother.

Paying homage to her Dominican and Caribbean roots, the star showed off her texture in the series of videos posted on social media. The Bronx native revealed she was making a hair mask to help moisture her and her 22-month-old daughter Kulture’s hair.

Cardi B and Kulture

“This is avocado in the bowl, and I just finished putting the argan oil in,” she demonstrated to her followers. ”I‘m gonna put in mayonnaise, castor oil, olive oil - I know it’s a lot of oil but my baby girl’s hair gotta be really hydrated like mine - and I’m about to put egg and honey in,” said Cardi B.

The Domincian-Trinidadian beauty then added avocado oil, a “big chunky scoop” of mayonnaise, a little honey, an egg, another avocado, and a lot of black castor oil. Before putting all the ingredients into a blender to achieve a smoother mixture, she jokingly said “It‘s really hard to take avocado chunks off your head.”

Cardi B

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