Jennifer Lopez: has the perfect hairstyle for those who do not dare to wear bangs

If you don't dare to have bangs but want to experiment with your hair, just look at Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez has a new look
Jennifer Lopez has a new look

Jennifer Lopez continues to surprise us with her makeovers. Recently, the singer has surprised us with a change of look: she has opted for bangs! Her favorite hairdresser, Chris Appleton, just showed us the latest beauty look of the celeb.

It seems so ideal that we want to recreate it as soon as possible. Go make an appointment at the hairdresser! J.Lo has put on the bangss haircut that best suits those who do not dare with bangs at all, so if you want to experiment with your hair, but without having a more risky 'look', get inspired by it.

Chris Appelton's post

The stylist has just published a photo on his Instagram feed and the truth is that he loves this makeover. The fringe haircut has been created to frame the face, especially in these long manes.

J.Lo making faces with a new look

It is a way of breaking with the verticality and preventing the weight of the long locks from turning off the face. It is not cut straight, but part with a shorter central point and progressively lengthens to the sides until it melts into the rest of the hair.

Jennifer Lopez

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