Meghan Markle: The 4 makeup tricks that she has recovered after separating from royalty

Meghan has decided to go for a more Californian look. She feels freer and this shows even in her makeup. Learn more here!

The 4 makeup tricks that Meghan Markle has recovered
The 4 makeup tricks that Meghan Markle has recovered

The 4 makeup tricks that Meghan Markle has recovered:

1.- False eyelashes

Meghan Markle owns a very sophisticated look. And it is that she does not only bet on mascara to achieve this effect. Prince Harry's wife has chosen to wear simple, medium-length, shallow-curved false eyelashes.

The result has been spectacular and since it is something very subtle, it does not steal the limelight from the rest of her makeup and it does not damage the natural eyelash. It looks so beautiful in her!

2.- Thick eyeliner

During her stay at Buckingham Palace, Meghan only delineated the lower part of her eyes. But now you can see that the former Hollywood actress has preferred to mark her gaze more. An effect that minimizes the eye a bit so that the false eyelash stands out.

Meghan Markle in Oprah's interview

3.- Meghan Markle's pink lips

Freed from royalty, buttey lips are Meghan Markle's newest obsession. For her the mates or ‘glossy’ were left behind. Her lip texture now works perfectly to look rosy tones and also adds a hydrated touch to the lip without being too potent.

4.- Luminous and tanned skin

The Duchess of Sussex has said goodbye to dense makeup bases and, taking advantage of the permanently good climate that California has, she is now betting on powders that give light and provide that trick of tanned beauty that many of us desire.

Meghan Markle

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