Camilo reveals how he met wife Evaluna Montaner and if they are planning to have babies!

Camilo and Evaluna are one of the most loved couples by fans, discover how they met according to the Colombian singer!

Camilo opens up about his marriage to Evaluna
Camilo opens up about his marriage to Evaluna

Colombian singer Camilo Echeverry, with more than 21 million followers on his Instagram account, has not only conquered thousands of hearts in the world with his lyrics, he also fell madly in love with Ricardo Montaner's youngest daughter, Evaluna.

The couple got married in February 2020, after dating for 7 years. They are undoubtedly one of the most admired couples for their constant expressions of love on social media, and how close they have always been.

Camilo and Evaluna's wedding day

Camilo recalled they met in Bogotá, they hired both of them to present the launch of a children's shampoo. A year later she wrote to him and the rest is history. He also took the opportunity to express that although the times in a pandemic have not been easy, it has left countless lessons in his personal life. 

He assures that he has learned to value every moment and more to his family. Camilo also talked about the idea of parenting. The artist affirms that although they of course want to have children, at the moment they aren’t seeking to bring babies into the world, as they are too busy with their successful music careers.


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