Eugenio Derbez's wife finally talks about her husband's accident

By Lucía Murphy

Eugenio Derbez's wife finally talks about her husband's accident

Alessandra Rosaldo spoke about her husband's health

The actor's wife has commented that Eugenio has already started his rehabilitation therapies. In an interview in Mexico City, Alessandra said that Eugenio is very motivated with his rehabilitations although his arm hurts a lot, and some movements cause him a lot of pain. The wife says that the actor is trying to stay positive about the discomfort.

Alessandra also commented that Eugenio has started to review some projects that he had not been able to see. He is happy to be home and happy to be with his family that loves and supports him, also the actor has already started to have more movement in his arm, the happiness that the actor has to be able to move his arm is unmatched.

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Alessandra took the opportunity to clarify again that her husband had the accident playing video games, that it was an accident that could have happened to many other people and to please leave the topic of the fight between Eugenio and his son Vadhir because it is a lie made to get attention, her husband has a good relationship with his children.

Eugenio has not commented anything to the media but said in networks that he feels some very annoying pains with his therapies, but he is happy to be able to start this healing process. He also commented that he hopes to be ready as soon as possible because he has some projects that the public will love.

Eugenio Derbez and the accident that left him with 15 fractures

The actor had an accident with a virtual reality video game, this incident had many rumors around it. The biggest rumor is that his son Vadhir hit his father and caused the fractures, this rumor has been denied by all the members of the family of the Mexican actor and comedian. Even the actor said that it was silly to think that his son could have done such an act.