Georgina Rodriguez finally reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s fate

By Lucía Murphy

Georgina Rodriguez finally reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s fate

Georgina Rodríguez reveals, in the most natural way, the destiny of Cristiano Ronaldo that we have all been waiting for. Discover it here!

For just a couple of weeks, the family formed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez have hinted to the media that, perhaps, the future of the Portuguese star will be in Madrid, Spain's capital city.

This news has struck like a thunderbolt for soccer lovers since no one knows for sure what the new destiny of the international star is, making us wonder what the future of one of the best players in history will be.

However, given all the rumors about where Cristiano Ronaldo will play next season, if Juventus will continue in his current team or if, on the contrary, the 35-year-old forward would return to Spain, his wife has clarified all the rumors.

The model and businesswoman calmly answered "stays" when asked if Cristiano Ronaldo would continue in the Italian football team. In this simple way, she has denied each and every one of the rumors of the possible return to Spain.