He’s only 8 but Michael Buble’s son already plays the piano better than his dad

Noah Buble surprised the world with his musical talent

Michael Buble at the piano
Michael Buble at the piano

The canadian singer may be one of the most talented of his generation but he got a little surprise after he returned from going on tour. Buble is known to be an excellent piano player but he discovered that he definitely has some competition at home.

The ‘Haven’t met you yet’ star has 3 little children and the eldest has got some serious musical talent like his father. Little Noah has only 8 but he surprised his dad by playing in the piano a classic song from Buble.

Noah performed ‘I’ll never not love you’ and he made his dad almost choke up with emotion of seeing how well he is of a piano player.

"More talent in his little fingers than I have in my whole body !!,” Michael stated in an Instagram reel where he shared the performance of his little one.

And another star may be coming…

If 3 wasn’t enough, Buble and his wife are already pregnant with their 4th child. If the new baby has a got any of the talent of the dad or the brother, we are so excited to find it out.

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