J Balvin: They didn't recognize him in New York and they won't let him into a store

J Balvin is denied entry into a New York store, find out why!

J Balvin is denied entry into a New York store
J Balvin is denied entry into a New York store

In view of the fame that J Balvin has been gaining in recent years as a fashion collector, especially of sports shoes and watches, any store should roll out the red carpet as soon as they see him appear through the door.

However, a few days ago the Colombian faced a situation very similar to the one that Julia Roberts experienced in 'Pretty Woman' when she tried to go to a Supreme brand store in New York and came across staff unwilling to give her the welcome.

J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer in NYC

For some reason that has not been clear, they stopped him at the door and did not let him in. The truth is that both the singer and his entire team, including his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer, took the situation with a great sense of humor and preferred to not make a scandal.

In the video that went viral, you can see J Balvin, dressed in dark clothes and with a mask on, telling the doorman "if you speak Spanish, ca ** on" while one of his companions recommends him with great sarcasm " you tell him that you are Maluma, and that's it. "

It seems that in the end some of the managers of the establishment realized that he was dealing with one of the most important stars of the urban scene and finally rushed to let him in.

J Balvin

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