Jared Leto would be Belinda's new victim

By Lucía Murphy

Jared Leto would be Belinda's new victim

The two of them are having a lovely time vacationing in Italy.

Social media exploded when the mexican singer, Belinda, posted pictures of her summer vacations but with someone special. She has got a bad record with her last relationships and Internet was shocked when they saw her next to ‘Morbius’ star, Jared Leto.

Everyone started to wonder if they are an item, the memes started to come and even people started to warn Leto to run away as fast as possible.

Nevertheless, when people started to calm down, the truth came: they are just friends. Belinda and Jared have known each other for 8 years and they are very close to each other, according to the singer in a interview a couple of years ago.


But is there hope?

When Leto came to promote ‘Morbius’ to Mexico, he was asked if he would get a tattoo in honor of Belinda, remembering her ex-boyfriends have them, and he answered:

“Sure, she is great.”