Learn the exclusive details of the break between Karol G and Anuel AA here.

Karol G. Karol G broke up with Anuel AA after 2 years together.
Karol G. Karol G broke up with Anuel AA after 2 years together.

Just a few days ago, the program Primer Impacto (Univision) confirmed the breakup of one of the most popular couples in the music industry. The moment in which Anuel AA asked Karol G in 2019 to marry him, in the presence of the family of the Tusa interpreter, still remains in the memory of his followers. 

In fact, many believe that the two have been separated for months due to the lack of publications together on their social networks. Although at first the idea of a third party in contention was being handled, new details have come to light about the reasons that led the singers to say goodbye.

As reported by Tanya Charry, from the program El gordo y la flaca, the Puerto Rican would have made several attempts to get back on his relationship with Karol G, which have been unsuccessful since the Colombian refused. 

Likewise, sources close to the artists revealed that the tensions arose because the Medellín native was paid much less for her performances than her boyfriend. “The professional jealousy between them had a lot of influence and that supposedly the Colombian's claims began on why she was paid less than him if she was also super popular. Anuel then chose to give part of the money he earned to her to avoid conflicts," says Charry in her report.

Another factor that could have undermined her love is the fact that Anuel AA lent her private plane to Karol G, which caused friction of another kind. “They also say that supposedly Anuel lent the plane to Karol on many occasions for his affairs and Anuel's company paid for it and there another conflict arose because his managers constantly reminded him that the plane and the money he earned were part of the company. and I couldn't spend it that way, ” said the entertainment reporter.

And as if this were not enough, it is said that the Colombian felt asphyxiated by the professional plans they would have. "She felt drowned because the Puerto Rican wanted them to tour together, make albums together and she did not leave space for her to continue growing alone". Although they had several attempts to reconcile her differences, they did not reach an understanding and even Anuel tried to convince her through her parents.

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