Queen Máxima: Reveals why she doesn’t see her eldest daughter as the future queen of Netherlands

The Dutch royal called her firstborn a ‘wonderful human being’ but she doesn’t see Princess Catharina-Amalia as a queen. Discover here why!

Queen Máxima opens up about her oldest daughter
Queen Máxima opens up about her oldest daughter

Princess Catharina-Amalia might be the future Queen of the Netherlands, but to her mother, she’ll always be her little girl. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands spoke about her eldest daughter during her 50th birthday interview with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.

“I don’t see her as the future Queen,” Máxima said of her firstborn, according to Royal Central. “I still see her as my little baby. She is doing really well.” Catharina-Amalia, 17, is the oldest of Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander’s children.

Dutch Royal Family

The mom of three added, “She is very responsible. She realises what her future will be but handles it really well. She takes her time, and she is a wonderful human being.” In the past the Argentinian also called the Princess of Orange an “amazing friend.”

The Dutch Queen has also praised her daughter in 2019, when Máxima told RTL Boulevard that Catharina-Amalia “is growing up fast and beautifully. She is an amazing daughter, an amazing friend, I am so very proud of her.” How cute!

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