Rosalía wants to alter the Twitter algorithm for a very good cause

By Lucía Murphy

Rosalía wants to alter the Twitter algorithm for a very good cause

Rosalía challenges the Twitter algorithm to show her something new and insightful, check out her fans responses.

For many, social media algorithms are more confusing than helpful, and according to Rosalía, they are “boring” too. The Spanish singer recently shared on Twitter how her feed never shows her news and interesting topics, but only the things that she is used to seeing on a daily basis.

Although the Twitter algorithm intends to prioritize recent content, engage users and personalize the overall experience, Rosalía has difficulty finding something insightful. “The algorithm is boring. Why do I want you to suggest to me only what I already have a predisposition to see? Show me what usually doesn’t interest me so that I will learn something new lol,” the “Malamente” interpreter wrote in her personal account.

Her tweet received thousands of replies and retweets from people who agree with her position, while others also explained to her the reasons. “We have discovered the eagle’s nest. @Twitter is a private company and, as such, classifies the content to have you hooked on its use. This is achieved by selecting topics that may interest you. Your desire to learn, do not give money [to Twitter],” a user wrote.

Luckily for the Spanish singer, 27, not all hope is lost. According to Hootsuite, although the algorithm is unavoidable, Twitter gives people the choice of selecting Top Tweets or Latest Tweets, or in other words, Twitter algorithm or no algorithm.