Kate Middleton, 39, and Prince William, 38, have been married for 10 years. During this time, they have shown increasing displays of "romantic affection", an expert claimed.

Kate Middleton. laughing.
Kate Middleton. laughing.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are both senior members of the Royal Family. When seen out together, a body language expert suggested their relationship is different from other long-term married couples.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge met while studying at the University of St Andrews. Nearly 10 years later, they announced their engagement and they wed in 2011.

Prince William is second in line to the British throne and Kate took on many royal responsibilities after her wedding. The couple have often attended engagements together, whether in person or virtually due to the coronavirus lockdown.

When doing this, body language expert Judi James suggested they have shown increasing romantic affect. She said that although Kate Middleton and Prince William’s PDAs have been rare and subtle, their even-handed mirroring traits and their subtler tie-signs and fun competitiveness have shown more dimensions in terms of romantic affection.

The Cambridge’s PDAs have increased with time, but their initial masking was probably more down to Prince William’s passionate desire to avoid the kind of soap opera publicity that surrounded his parent’s marriage.

Showing affection is rare for many royals and Judi explained it is unusual for couples who have been together for as many years as the Cambridges. For a long-term married couple, their connection signals make them appear even more openly romantic together than what is usual.

In public, Prince William keeps close to Kate Middleton and often guides her gently in front of him, showing off he is proud of his wife with rare public affection. Since marrying Prince William, Kate has become a popular member of the Royal Family in her own right.

The Duke of Cambridge's recent body language with his wife could suggest he is proud of her, Judi continued. She stated that Prince William’s hand gestures suggest he gently steers Kate Middleton to walk ahead with a sense of pride and admiration. 

His tactile behaviour includes another affectionate back-touch with a splayed hand.  While Prince William shows pride with his wife, the expert suggested both royals have displayed genuine happiness and affection.

Source: Express.co.uk.

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