Social networks are divided into two camps, Selena Gomez and Maluma's fans, and it was more than visible with the singer's anger.

Maluma. Maluma vs Selena Gomez.
Maluma. Maluma vs Selena Gomez.

In social networks, a battle broke out between the fans of Maluma and Selena Gomez. Apparently the American did not agree to sing with the Colombian, and opinions rained down on Twitter. The singer of "Hawaii" wrote on his official Twitter account something that sounded like a hint.

The Pretty Boy singer has made collaborations with the greatest of music such as Thalía, Shakira and Jennifer López more recently. However, a message that he left to his followers on the bird network alarmed the fans.

Some time ago a rumor circulated about Selena Gómez, the singer would not have agreed to sing a duet with Maluma. This would have infuriated the singer of "Happy the four". The publication that caused the fury of the fans on Twitter.

There some fans said: "If you don't want to work with someone, let them know, there are so many people still hoping that in the end it will be worth 0. Sincerity above all," said "the parse" with a tone which does not correspond to what his followers know, he was angry.

The publication is correlative in time to the premiere of Selena Gomez's new song “De Una Vez”. A single in which Justin Bieber's ex is the only voice. And it was believed that it could be the song that he would share with Maluma, but it is clear that it was not. 

The reggaeton message encouraged users to comment on that rumor, it had all the characteristics of being a hint. After this withering message from Maluma on social networks, he did not speak about the issue again. 

Selena Gomez either, but Twitter users are fans of these muddles and the discussion was active for hours. He even mentioned it to Daddy Yankee, saying that he was the recipient of Maluma's tweet. For now there are no collaborations in sight, and the answer to this controversy only has Maluma and Selena Gomez.

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