Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are ‘very happy together’ and have ‘so much in common’, according to a source close to the singer.


It looks like things between Rihanna, 32, and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, 32, are going great. The singer and rapper, who turned their longtime friendship into romance last year, celebrated Christmas together in her home base of Barbados.

Also recently they attended a dinner date in New York City, and it turns out their romance works due to a number of factors, including their compatibility and number of mutual friends. A source close to the couple told the truth about them. 

Apparently, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are really good. Their vacation together couldn’t have been better. The level of attention their relationship gets is intense, so they’ve been trying to play it pretty low key, but they’re still very happy together.

She’s very much a part of A$AP Rocky’s inner circle. His friends are her friends, and her friends are his friends. It’s just one of the reasons this is such a great fit. Rihanna, who can be seen in a recent Fenty Beauty promo video below, is also serious when it comes to dating.

Rihanna wants A$AP Rocky to be her final boyfriend. Rihanna falls in love fast with who she dates as she really wants her current boyfriend to be her final boyfriend. She only has vibes for who she is dating and no one can ever break that.

Source: Hollywood Life

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