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Adele: Everything To Know About Her New Album That Was Supposed To Be Released On September Of Last Year

Will this be the year that Adele releases her highly-anticipated follow-up to ‘25’? As fans wait for the ‘Hello’ singer to drop her new album, here’s what we know.

All about Adele's new album
All about Adele's new album

2020 was supposed to be the year for Adele fans. After waiting patiently (and in some cases, not-so-patiently), fans were finally going to get the long-awaited follow-up to her immensely successful third studio album, 25.

Adele even said in February 2020 that they could “expect my album in September,” which led many to imagine that an international tour was sure to follow. Then, the pandemic hit, and it all seemingly went to rubbish.

Adele singing

The year came and went without new music from Adele. No new album. No new single. Nothing. As of April 2021, there is no release date for Adele’s new album. This is to say that Adele’s albums are not just albums – they’re events. 

And with six years since the last one, there may be a lot of pressure for Adele to live up to this standard that’s been set. If the new record is merely okay and not exceptional, that might be even worse than if it was bad.


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