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Alec Baldwin is still in shock: this is the drastic decision he made after the fatal accident on the set of Rust

The actor continues to be shocked by the tragedy recorded last week.

Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin.

Hollywood continues to live very difficult hours after the terrible tragedy that happened in the filming of the new film by Alec Baldwin. As is known, the actor fired a prop gun and killed the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, 42, and wounded director Joel Souza, 48. Although the reasons for what happened are unknown, the showbiz is shocked. 

This is because the misfortune happened in a first-class place, where the care should be extreme and where it seemed that the conditions were given to work without problems, but apparently none of this was so. By the transcended, several irregularities were found that could realize that not everything was so regulated and that this happened was not so far-fetched. 

This was not an isolated occurrence on a film set as similar situations have occurred, such as the death of Bruce Lee's son, Brandon, who was shot while filming the film The Raven in 1993. There were also others that only ended in accidents like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 6 or Nicole Kidman in Mouling Rouge where they did not reach something extreme, but ended up seriously injured. 

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What is known about Alec Baldwin is that he is extremely depressed and does not come out of the amazement that this tragedy caused him. His family and friends try to get him out of this state, but it is complex since he feels responsible for what happened, although his innocence is proven. On the other hand, he made the decisive decision to abandon all his work commitments and prioritize his mental health, so it is estimated that this 2021 is already completely finished. 

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Video taken from the Entertainment Tonight channel.

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