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Alex Rodriguez's controversial reaction after Jennifer Lopez erased him from her life

The former athlete did not remain silent after the artist stopped following him on the networks.

Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez.
Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez.

In April of this year, the art world was shocked after Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez announced their separation. Until a few months ago, the former baseball player and the artist were engaged and had very firm plans of marriage, however, the pandemic prevented it on two occasions until the breakup arrived. 

Just a few months later, Jennifer Lopez decided to face all prejudice and criticism to throw herself fully into the arms of Ben Affleck, the most important man in her life and with whom she had a passionate love story two decades ago. In this new opportunity that they decided to give themselves, there is no past for which, J.Lo chose to delete the photos he had with his ex. 

As if that were not enough, he also chose to stop following him on the networks and continue with his life. As expected, the athlete and businessman referred to the separation and was very decisive with his words. Although he is still hurt by the estrangement, he mentioned that he learned a lot in the years he lived with the pop star and that it will help him strengthen the next relationships he has.

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In addition, Alex Rodriguez indicated that it was by mutual agreement and that at some point they realized that it was best to follow the bond as friends and prioritize the businesses they share together. For his part, he continues to have J.Lo on social networks and even encourages himself to share some images from the past where they looked happy and very caramelized. We will have to wait to find out how much longer peace persists between them. 

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Video taken from the Access channel.

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