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Andrew Garfield: The reason why he doesn't have any social media

Discover here the reasons why Andrew Garfield, the actor who co-starred in 'The Social Network' has neither facebook nor any other social media.

Andrew Garfield claims he is too sensitive for social media
Andrew Garfield claims he is too sensitive for social media

Although Andrew Garfield co-starred, along with Jesse Eisenberg, in the acclaimed film 'The Social Network', the famous 2010 movie that was about the creation of Facebook that has ended up leading to the creation of a new popular culture, a little extreme sometimes.

However, the truth is that, precisely because of this, the 37-year-old American-British actor prefers to stay completely apart from these tools and, above all, from the opinion that users and fans have of him.

 Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg in'The Social Network'

In his last interview, the Hollywood star has acknowledged that he is "too sensitive" for such disproportionate reactions that, as a result of any issue or character, they tend to focus on these platforms.

Whether to avoid furious criticism against his person or to get away from unnecessary flattery, isolating himself from these communicative dynamics allows him to maintain balanced mental health and stay away from the addictions that come with social media.

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