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Angelina Jolie and the big dream of her life that she had to put aside for being with Brad Pitt

The actress regrets having set aside her goals to live the relationship with the heartthrob.

Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie.

The relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt does not end up generating controversies. From the moment they separated, cross-accusations and anger began on one side and the other. This is because the interpreter accused the Hollywood heartthrob of having problems with alcohol and mistreating his children, while he indicated that she prevents him from contact with minors. 

While a few weeks ago it is expected that they can reach an agreement, so far that has not happened and there are still many assets to be divided. Among them, a castle in France that the actress wants to get rid of while the interpreter of Seven years in Tibet refuses to accept.  

In the midst of this scandalous context, Angelina Jolie argued that because of the separation and the change in family dynamics that this caused; he had to abandon several of his activities and also sleep. When mentioning one, he maintained that production is one of his great passions that remained unfinished. 

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While waiting for everything to be solved and for Justice to rule in her favor, the actress continues to put aside the life she always wanted and is limited to accepting shorter jobs that allow her to be with her children. At the moment, between both parties there is no truce and the romance that all the spectators had been in love with, turned into a real nightmare. 

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