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Anna Faris: Reveals the mistakes she made with exes Chris Pratt and Ben Indra helped her with fiancé Michael Barrett

Anna Faris has learned from the mistakes of her love life, find out more here!

Anna Faris reveals in her podcast she learns from her mistakes in lovelife
Anna Faris reveals in her podcast she learns from her mistakes in lovelife

The actress Anna Faris has finally found sentimental stability and, of course, the love of her life at the hands of her already fiancé Michael Barrett, the renowned cinematographer with whom she will go down the aisle as soon as the current one allows. coronavirus pandemic.

One of the keys to her balanced romance, as the interpreter herself has explained in her podcast, are thanks to the lessons she learned during her two previous marriages, and with the perspective that time brings, she has managed not to repeat her mistakes in his current relationship.

Anna Faris and fiancé Michael Barrett

"In my case, I think that after each breakup, at one point I ended up realizing that there were many things that I had ignored and that I should not have done. When I think about it with this time distance, I feel like I forced myself to force certain things.”

And also “that my decisions did not come from my independent character," comedy star Anna Faris has confessed in his podcast 'Unqualified'. The 44-year-old artist, mother of little Jack along with her ex-husband Chris Pratt, was also married to Ben Indra before.

Anna Faris

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