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Anne Hathaway was in charge of revealing the biggest secret of the film The Devil wears fashion

The actress of the renowned film confessed something unexpected behind the great success.

Anne Hathaway.
Anne Hathaway.

Who hasn't seen the movie The Devil Wears Fashion again and again? The film starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, continues to give something to talk about 15 years after its release. In it, Andy Sachs submits to the despotism and mistreatment of a fashion editor in order to grow in her profession.  

Little by little he gives in to the madness of his boss until he ends up realizing that his life is more important than a job promotion. Beyond the 20000 that it was one of the most important works of the actress, she ended up confessing one of the most important secrets of the production and that nobody imagined.  

Some time ago, when he visited RuPaul's Drag Race cycle, he indicated that he struggled a lot to obtain and even wanted to lower his arms, but then he realized that having that protagonist was what he craved the most. That's when she mentioned that, in the list of actresses summoned, she was the ninth option.

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Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes and Juliette Lewis were the strongest candidates, however, they all gave up and the role fell to Hathaway. For this reason, whenever he can, he maintains that all those who have a dream must fight for their convictions and desire it so strongly that life ends up giving them. That is their main motto. 

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Video taken from the Entertainment Tonight.

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