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Anya Taylor-Joy: surprises everyone on SNL by speaking in her native language

Check out how Anya Taylor-Joy's monologue was in Spanish in Saturday Night Live!

Anya Taylor-Joy goes to SNL and surprises everyone
Anya Taylor-Joy goes to SNL and surprises everyone

Anya Taylor-Joy, the actress who became globally known for her role in The Queen's Gambit, made her debut on NBC's landmark show Saturday Night Live (SNL), and even dared to be part of the classic opening monologue in a Spanish with her strong Argentine accent.

At the beginning of her presentation, the actress celebrated that it was the first time in months that SNL had a live audience, “completely vaccinated”. Later, she shared part of her personal story: she told that she was born in Miami, which had a significant reaction from the audience, and that she grew up between Argentina and London.

Anya Taylor-Joy in SNL wearing white

Before ending her monologue to make way for the show's skits, Anya Taylor-Joy made a special request to the audience: “It would mean a lot to me to start this show in my native language,” she said, and generated applause from the audience.

With this endorsement, the young woman began to speak in Spanish. "We have an incredible show for you tonight," she announced with a perfect Buenos Aires tune. "Lil Nas X [guest musician] is here so please do not go anywhere," concluded the actress, who was a trend on Twitter throughout the broadcast of the program.

Anya Taylor-Joy

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