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Do you remember the Backstreet Boys? They have changed

Backstreet Boys. Boy band.
Backstreet Boys. Boy band.

On April 20, 1993 started, what, years later, would be considered the most important boyband in the history of music was formed: Backstreet Boys, formed by Howie, A.J., Nick, Brian, and Kevin.

A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson were the five members of this group that, however, would not release their first album, Backstreet Boys, until 1996. The success was immediate and the boyband became a reference to global level

On the way to 30 years together (although Kevin temporarily left the formation), Backstreet Boys can boast of having sold 130 million albums or of being the first group to sneak their first seven albums into the Billboard Top 10.

Obviously, the years have taken their toll on the Backstreet Boys. Not only has his music evolved, so has his appearance and, above all, his looks. And the thing is that the 90s, stylistically, were very hard. And for example, the five buttons on the band. This is how the Backstreet Boys have changed since 1993:

AJ McLean is, although many people do not know it, the second youngest member of the band. Born in January 1978, AJ came to the boyband at the age of 15 with Howie, whom he already knew from other auditions. Both were the first selected to be part of the Backstreet Boys.

If AJ knew how to do something during the first years, it was to attract attention with his outfits. It was not only common to see him with different hair colors, but also with the most extravagant, wide and impossible clothes of those crazy 90s. All this, added to the more than 40 tattoos that he accumulates, made him stand out above his companions.

Today, AJ McLean is a proud family man (he has two daughters, Ava Jaymes and Lyric Dean), married to Rochelle Deanna Karidis since 2011. After confessing his addictions and going through rehab up to two times, he currently maintains an enviable body tone. And yes, he has stopped wearing impossible looks like those of yesteryear.

Howie Dorough came to the band from AJ's hand, although five years older than his friend. Born in August 1973, Howie also has Latino roots, as his mother is Puerto Rican, while his father was Irish-American.

Both vocally and stylistically, Howie was always the most romantic member of the Backstreet Boys, as well as an accomplished dancer. His perennial smile fell in love, and still does, millions of fans around the world.

To this day, Howie D is still a member of the boyband but, above all else, he is a father. James Hoke (2009) and Holden John (2013), his two sons, are the real stars of the singer's social profiles. Of course, with permission from Leigh Boniello, Howie D's wife since 2007.

The third member selected by Lou Pearlman was Nick Carter. Born in January 1980, he was only 13 years old when he joined the band, despite having extensive experience as a singer.

In fact, when the offer came to him to join the group, he had to reject another project to be part of the famous Mickey Mouse Club, which included Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling or Christina Aguilera, among others.

The youngest of the band: Without a doubt, Nick Carter was the star that shone the most at the dawn of the boy band. His dyed blonde hair, always perfectly bowl-combed, his blue eyes, and his good-boy face dazzled the whole world.

Like his partner AJ, Nick Carter confessed to Ellen's problems with illegal substances and alcohol, but thanks to his partner, Lauren Kitt, and his partner and friend Kevin Richardson, he managed to overcome them and get ahead. Something worse was in his solo career, parallel to Backstreet Boys, where he has not finished succeeding, luckily for the band.

Married since 2014 to Lauren Kitt, the couple have two children: Odin Reign (2016) and Saoirse Reign (2019), Nick Carter retains all his 90s appeal, although he has changed his face from an angel to an interesting adult. Years ago he swapped his bowl hair for a toupee crest that, for now, he maintains as a personal brand.

Interestingly, after the youngest member of the group, he would arrive the oldest of all. Kevin Richardson was 21 years old when he joined the band and a towering 6 feet tall that made him look even older. 

The singer, before being part of the Backstreet Boys, worked at Disney World (Orlando) disguised as Aladdin, although he had also been part of the choir at Estill County High School in his native Kentucky.

Kevin Richardson was physically well built, having played football, and his stage presence was overwhelming. Despite being one of the fandom's favorites, in 2006 he decided to leave the band to "move on to another chapter of my life," he said on the band's website, without specifying which chapter he was.

Four years later, Oprah Winfrey first brought the band together on her show, where they sang a memorable "I want it that way." It would be in 2012 when the return of Kevin Richardson to the formation and the launch of ‘NKOTBSB’, a joint album with ‘New Kids on the Block’, became official. To say that the fandom went crazy is an understatement.

Born in 1971, it is legal to recognize that the years have only improved Kevin Richardson. True to his eternal goatee and in an enviable state of shape, the singer has been married to Kristin Kay Willits since 2000. The couple have two children, Mason Frey (2007) and Maxwell Haza (2013).

On a political level, Kevin Richardson is an active and public Democrat who does not hesitate to share opinions on his social networks. Precisely, this positioning has led to one of the most notorious controversies of the band, in its almost three decades of existence. A controversy that involves the fifth and last member of the band and, what not everyone knows, Kevin Richardson's cousin: Brian Littrell.

Brian Thomas Littrell

Brian Littrell was also born in Lexington, Kentucky, as Kevin Richardson. It was this one who called his cousin to do the test with the band, when the boy who was going to be the fifth member, decided to leave the band before starting. Brian Littrell swept the test, as he had been singing in the Lexington church choir for years. He was 18 years old.

Throughout his career, Brian Littrell has made the Backstreet Boys compatible with his facet as a contemporary Christian soloist, where he is considered a benchmark. Currently, Brian Littrell has run as a follower of Donald Trump, even asking his followers on Twitter to follow him on Parler, the social network to which the extreme right has been referred, after the closure of the account of the already ex President USA.

The end of the Backstreet Boys?

Days later, Kevin Richardson shared an article on Twitter titled: "I have lost a friend because of QAnon", adding two words to it: "Interesting reading." As expected, rumors have exploded, there are even those who speak of a definitive separation from the band. For now, the Backstreet Boys are silent, but will Trump be responsible for the end of BSB?

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