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Ben Affleck: The proof that he never forgot Jennifer Lopez in 20 years

Por Lucía Murphy

28/05/2021, 11:24 PM

Ben Affleck: The proof that he never forgot Jennifer Lopez in 20 years

Ben Affleck still has a watch that Jennifer Lopez gave him twenty years ago, learn more here!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who is 6'4″ tall and is better known for winning an Oscar with Matt Damon for ‘Good Will Hunting,” are together in Miami and each of her steps is being followed by a swarm of paparazzi, waiting to get the image of him kissing that definitively confirms their reconciliation.

Although they have not yet dared to exchange affectionate gestures like that in public, in his last appearance the interpreter and director has been photographed wearing a peculiar watch, with a silver bracelet in the shape of a chain and an elongated dial.

Fans of the couple have not been slow to identify as the one they used to record the video clip 'Jenny From the Block' of the Bronx diva back in 2002. The piece was, apparently, a gift from the singer that Ben, 48, did not remove at that time, according to the Page Six portal.



Jewels are in fashion

The truth is that the two have shown over the years a great fondness for winking to their romantic relationships with their jewelry: until a few months ago, he used to wear half a heart around his neck to match another pendant that he had with his then girlfriend Ana de Armas.

J.Lo bought one of those hoop earrings that he likes so much, adorned with the name Alex Rodriguez, during the time they were engaged. However, what is really striking is that Ben has kept the watch for almost two decades and that he has now rescued it from the trunk of memories, which would be just another clue that he has resumed his love story with Jennifer.


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