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Ben Affleck's father confesses what he really thinks about his son getting back with Jennifer Lopez

Seems that Ben Affleck's father had no idea that the actor is back on with ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez! Find out more here.

Timothy Aflex had no idea Bennifer is back
Timothy Aflex had no idea Bennifer is back

Timothy Affleck, 77, revealed this week that Ben Affleck, 48, hasn't told him anything about his reconciliation with the 51-year-old singer and rejected claims that the Hollywood star has been pining for the Hustlers actress for years.

Ben and Jennifer rekindled their romance last month after multiple dates at the singer's Bel Air mansion, before jetting off for romantic trips to Big Sky, Montana and then to Miami, Florida.

Bennifer in Miami

The couple, coined Bennifer when they first dated from 2002 to 2004, made their relationship official this week as they were photographed putting on an affectionate display while out to dinner in West Hollywood. 

Timothy, however, scoffed at the idea that Ben has been pining for J.Lo for years. 'I've never heard of all that nonsense,' he told The Sun in an interview at his home in upstate New York. Timothy admitted the Gone Girl star hasn't told him about his relationship with Lopez and said he didn't know they were dating again.

'Of course I’ve heard of her,' he said. 'But I'd no idea about any of this.' Timothy added that he hasn't seen Ben in many months and that's probably why he doesn't know the latest on the actor's love life.

Ben Affleck

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