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Ben Platt: A 27 year-old actor who is too old for his roles

From preteen stars who represent the darkest of humanity to middle-aged actors who totally change our idea of the institute, here comes Ben Platt. Discover more here!

Ben Platt is too old for his new movie
Ben Platt is too old for his new movie

Ben Platt will regain his famous role in the film adaptation of 'Dear Evan Hansen'. The trailer, which came out this May, shows a 27-year-old Platt playing a high school student and many are not convinced.

The Broadway star said that he had lost about 15 pounds, had been on a very specific diet, had grown his hair out and had been shaving to avoid having too much beard shade. All with the aim of giving life to a teenager for whom he "hopes" is the last time.

Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen

Both Ben Platt and director Stephen Chbosky wanted to immortalize Platt's award-winning performance in a movie. "His understanding of his character is so complete and so deep," Chbosky said.

He also added, "I can't imagine anyone else playing it. It's his role. It's very clear to me. And I never considered doing it any other way." When we watch a movie, we don't often question the suitability of an actor for a role, but the reality behind the screen can be surprising.

Ben Platt

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