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Beyoncé and JAY-Z Reveal That They Connected As A Family During COVID Lockdown

The Carter family spent a lot of time together over the past year, and it’s made Beyonce and JAY-Z’s relationship with each other, and their three kids, even stronger.

Beyoncé and Jay Z open up about quarantine
Beyoncé and Jay Z open up about quarantine

It’s been five years since Beyoncé released Lemonade and hinted that JAY-Z had been unfaithful on multiple songs, but after getting through that tough time in their marriage, the superstars’ relationship is stronger than ever.

Like many married couples with children, Bey and Jay, who recently celebrated their 13-year wedding anniversary, were forced into a ‘new normal’ during 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and they’re thriving because of it.

The Carters family

“In the beginning, it was time for everyone to sit down and really connect and really focus on family and being together, and take this time to learn more about each other,” Jay explained to the Sunday Times. 

“And then, as it wore on, it’s like, ‘Okay, alright, what is the new normal?’ If anything came from this, it’s that we have to recognize that we’re all connected. It’s a metaphor for how connected we are.”

JAY-Z told the publication that family is his “foundation,” and explained that he and Beyoncé make a point to make sure that their children — Blue Ivy, 9, and twins, Rumi and Sir, 3 — always “feel loved,” regardless of the paths they decide to embark on.


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