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Bill Gates: Still Wears His Wedding Ring 2 Weeks After Admitting Cheating On Melinda And Divorce Announcement

Bill Gates appeared on video with his wedding ring still on, while speaking with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, on May 19. Learn more here!

Bill Gates is still wearing his wedding ring amid divorce papers
Bill Gates is still wearing his wedding ring amid divorce papers

Bill Gates, 65, may be headed for a divorce from his wife Melinda Gates, 56, but he hasn’t yet taken off his wedding ring, as we could notice during a scheduled video conference where he spoke for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on May 19.

Although his wedding ring got a lot of attention during the video conference, Bill Gates didn’t seem to try and hide it. Since he’s still technically married, he may just be waiting until the divorce is finalized to take that big step and remove it, but, of course, that’s unclear.

Bill Gates wearing the wedding ring

This new appearance is one of the first the Microsoft founder has made since announcing his intent to divorce Melinda, who he married in 1994. Seeing Bill’s wedding ring still on his finger does come as a bit of a surprise.

This is considering the headlines that have been making their way around the internet and beyond lately, since after he and Melinda took to social media to share the shocking news of their divorce on May 3, he admitted having an extramarital affair.

Bill Gates

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