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Billie Eilish: Confesses her biggest fear about her blonde makeover

Find out here what the singer's fear was before she turned blonde!

Billie Eilish reveals her biggest fear
Billie Eilish reveals her biggest fear

The latest and striking makeover of the Billie Eilish divided fans on whether her new image is flattering or not, or if her sensual new appearance is a hypothetical betrayal of her ideals as an alternative artist.

But the truth is that the interpreter herself has now revealed that one of the greatest fears she faced in this regard was exclusively linked to her hair health. The 19-year-old singer is well known for dyeing her hair in bright colors, through thick streaks whose hue she has not stopped changing frequently in recent years.

Billie Eilish before and after

That explains that, once she decided to definitely go over to the blonde side, the pop star felt that her hair had perhaps reached a point of no return and that it would end up completely "burned" after her last and exhaustive intervention.

"I saw that a fan edited my hair in a photo to make it look completely blonde, and I said, 'Hala! That's cool! I want it!' But I thought it would be like a dream that never comes true, honestly not I thought it would happen. My hair has already gone through so much ... I thought that if I did it it would end up totally burned. But in the end I did!”

Billie Eilish

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