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Brad Pitt; the man of a thousand talents

Brad Pitt is a sculptor and presents his works in a Finnish museum

Brad Pitt, Nick Cave and Thomas Houseago
Brad Pitt, Nick Cave and Thomas Houseago

The great Hollywood actor has shown another of his many talents, he is not only a great actor and one of the most famous of our times; he is also a sculptor and proudly shows it in a museum in Finland, an exhibition that will be on display until January 15.

His first sculpture is from 2017 and he made it with a tree bark, having the shape of a house and this big house was made with duct tape. Showing that he is an ingenious man with a vision of art; this sculpture is the simplest of all, making you think that he only made it out of boredom but with this simple idea, the actor prepared himself for more complicated sculptures.

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The actor took 3 years to sculpt again and this time he didn't make a house, he made something more extravagant and according to him, the idea is to convey a message. This sculpture is made of plaster, is hanging on the wall and shows 8 figures resembling people in a fight, trying to show that violence is not the way.

Brad Pitt declared in some media that he never thought he could see his sculptures in an exhibition, it gives him emotion and although it is a new world, he says that "it feels good" because he can see some of his art and can share it with people who want to see what the actor can do behind the scenes.

Brad Pitt, actor and now also a sculptor, with an exhibition in Finland.

This great exhibition is not only Brad's, it is part of an exhibition called "We", where also participated Nick Cave Australian rock star and Thomas Houseago who is an artist.

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