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Britney Spears: The Reason Why She Didn't Get The Part On ‘The Notebook.’ She Would Have Been A Millionaire.

Not only did Britney Spears audition for ‘The Notebook,’ but it was apparently a ‘close call!’ Find out more here!

Britney Spears was on the running to star in The Notebook
Britney Spears was on the running to star in The Notebook

We bet you didn’t know that Britney Spears did a screen test with Ryan Gosling for The Notebook! Now, veteran casting director Matthew Barry is now saying that it was actually a “close call” when it came to the pop star landing the lead role of Allie Hamilton.

What of course we all know, is that role went to Rachel McAdams because she “aced the audition” despite being a relatively unknown name at the time, according to Daily Mail’s interview with Matthew.

casting director revealed this old picture of Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears

Britney wasn’t the only star in the running to play Allie opposite of Ryan’s Noah. At first, the studio allegedly wanted Underworld star Kate Beckinsale for the role, but “there wasn’t chemistry,” the casting director claimed.

Britney Spears would have made approximately $1 million, since that’s what Rachel McAdams got paid in The Netbook 15 years ago. Perhaps, since Britney was already a pop star at that moment, they would have paid her more. Guess we’ll never know!

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