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Britney Spears: the fortune that returned to her after winning the fight against her father

Finally, the best outcome was given for the Princess of Pop after the resignation of Jamie Spears was known.

Britney Spears.
Britney Spears.

For years Britney Spears lived a nightmare that seemed to have no end. 13 years ago when she had a peak of stress due to her separation and the loss of custody of her children, her father Jamie Spears took over her guardianship and left her unable to make decisions. What at first seemed like a good option, ended up plunging her into a picture of depression and anguish. For this reason, drastic measures began to be taken.

In the first instance, several presentations were made until, a few weeks ago, Britney Spears appeared in front of the Justice and gave details about the hell she was going through and that her admirers had suspected for a long time. Not being able to decide on his artistic, financial and even reproductive life, they were destroying it little by little.

However, the Justice ignored it and determined that Jamie Spears continue to be in charge of his daughter's future. The Princess of Pop never gave up, looked for another defender and continued the fight. After a long journey, his father made the decision to abandon the guardianship and also renounced his inheritance. In his words, hers was an act of love that lasted over time but ended up saving the artist's life.

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On the other hand, the objective is that the man in question can reach an agreement with the authorities and thus close this complex chapter. Beyond this being a fact to celebrate, from the singer's defense they indicate that they are somewhat disappointed by how complex this issue has become, since it could have been resolved a long time ago. In any case, Britney will seek to recover the lost years and her fans celebrate this great moment. On the other hand, it was learned that the diva recovered part of her fortune in real estate that was valued at 60 million dollars as reported by CNN on its website. 

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Video taken from the official Forbes channel.

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