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Camila Cabello: inspired by boyfriend Shawn Mendes, is finally learning how to drive!

The busy star is taking the time to get her driver’s license, finally! Check out the details here.

Camila Cabello is finally learning how to drive
Camila Cabello is finally learning how to drive

Camila Cabello is fulfilling a major life milestone. The 24-year-old superstar was seen on a driving lesson in Miami on Friday, April 30. The singer masked up and hopped into a red Honda Fit outside her home to learn the ins and outs of cruising around, accompanied by boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

Photos captured the “Havana” hitmaker walking to the car in a chic jean dress ensemble. She later took to Instagram to showcase the outfit and accessories from her passenger seat, along with a series of other snaps.

Camila Cabello captured with Shawn Mendes taking a selfie to celebrate the license moment

Camila Cabello has wanted her license for quite some time now. The Cuban-American dropped out of high school at the age of 15 to pursue her singing career by appearing on The X Factor. Things took off from there, leaving little time for the star to take driver’s education, let alone get her license.

She’s previously expressed the desire to get behind the wheel, tweeting in 2014: “I’m gonna learn how to drive this week and get my license hopefully without fatalities injuries OR destruction of the state of florida <3.”

Camila Cabello

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