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Cardi B is at the helm of one of the most famous magazines on the planet

The American singer will be the creative director of a magazine.

Cardi B and a new editorial work.
Cardi B and a new editorial work.

American singer Cardi B made headlines a couple of hours ago after she confirmed one of her new projects. According to the international press, she will be the creative director of Playboy magazine. In addition, she became known as the first resident director of this project. 

The information was released on Playboy magazine's Instagram profile and was a rage on the public scene. On the other hand, Cardi B assured that she is excited to lead this project accompanied by a qualified team. Meanwhile, he told his followers that the new Playboy magazine will give something to talk about.  

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It was Ben Kohn, CEO of PLBY Group, who also spoke out in public and expressed that the company is grateful for the arrival of rapper Cardi B. So they hope to have the best results in this new era of bunny magazine.  

Cardi B and an adult magazine

It is worth saying that the creativity, talent and overwhelming personality of Cardi B is felt in each of her steps. No wonder fans already want to see the exclusive photos from the men's magazine.

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Video taken from the Lil Carthi channel.

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