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Chayce Beckham: Everything You Need To Know About The ‘American Idol’ Winner

We have a winner! Chayce Beckham was crowned the winner of season 19 of ‘American Idol’ during the show’s finale on May 23. Learn everything about him here!

Chayce Beckham is the new American Idol
Chayce Beckham is the new American Idol

It’s finale time on American Idol! The show’s season 19 finale aired live on May 23, and Chayce Beckham received the most viewer votes to be named the winner. He beat out fellow finalists, Grace Kinstler, who came in third place, and Willie Spence, who was this season’s runner up.

The year before Chayce auditioned for American Idol was not easy. “I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs,” he said during his audition. “It’s been quite the roller coaster. My whole life kind of flipped upside down and I moved back home with my parents.”

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Although Chayce didn’t specify what happened, his mom got emotional while talking further about the situation. “He was on a dark path for a little while with drinking and his self worth and whether or not she was good enough,” she explained. “He went through some really hard times.”

Before starting to sing on his own, Chayce Beckham was in a band that sang reggae music and has been working as a heavy machinery operator for three years. You also have to know that he is extremely close with his family, he always credits his family and music with getting him through his darkest times. 

In addition to being able to sing and play guitar, Chayce Beckham is also a songwriter who writes his own music. Although he’s been singing covers on American Idol, his songwriting skills are often showcased on his social media.

Chayce Beckham

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