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Chris Pratt has a new look and everyone think he looks better than Brad Pitt

Chris Pratt is sporting a new hairstyle for his latest acting role that looks totally familiar. He’s the spitting image of Brad Pitt in ‘Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood’.

Chris Pratt looks better than Brad Pitt
Chris Pratt looks better than Brad Pitt

It’s Chris Pratt like you’ve never seen him before. Chris, 41, was spotted filming his new Amazon Prime series, The Terminal List, at a bar in Hermosa Beach, CA while sporting a new, clean-cut look.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star has shed his more rugged action star persona for a cute, parted haircut, button down shirt, and jeans, as seen in photos from the April 13 shoot. How quaint!

Chris Pratt rocks new hair on the set of The Terminal List

Chris Pratt plays Navy SEAL James Reece in the drama, which centers on his return home after his platoon was ambushed during a covert mission. Their characters couldn’t be any different, but with that hair, Chris is definitely channeling Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth in Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood. 

Brad Pitt’s not the only person Chris Pratt could be mistaken for. It’s happened quite a few times when it comes to his MCU colleagues. Chris’own father-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger, even mistook him for Chris Evans once.

Brad Pitt with Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood

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