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Christina Aguilera plans her musical return with an ambitious proposal similar to that of Selena Gómez

The soloist wants to captivate with her return and she promises to give everything to achieve her goal.

Christina Aguilera.
Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera has been captivating audiences for more than two decades with her songs and with her unique imprint. Although, the highest point of his career occurred at the beginning of the millennium, he could never again have such strength as then; However, that seems to have been forgotten since he wants to return to the stage with great force. 

To achieve this goal, the creator of But I remember you and Candyman has everything planned and it seems that this project has no cracks. As a first point, the idea is to reconnect with his roots, with his essence and for that he is putting together an album in Spanish. In an interview he gave to Billboard, he gave some hints about what he is up to. 

Although Christina Aguilera still does not want to reveal very deep details about her musical future, it has transpired that the blonde has already asked Beatriz Luengo and Raw Alejandro for collaboration so that everything has greater form and consistency. Although everything is very planned, what is delaying the launch is the health situation that threatens the world. 

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In addition, Christina Aguilera is characterized by being a very perfectionist artist, from her environment they affirmed that she is very inspired and motivated to give her best and show her more mature side. For their part, fans who have been closely following his growth and evaluation are eagerly awaiting the new musical work. While others assure that it could have some similarities with the new Selena Gomez material that is also in Spanish. 

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Video taken from the Billboard channel.

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