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Courteney Cox: calls Ellen DeGeneres a terrible roommate since the host moved into their house

Ellen DeGeneres moved into Courteney Cox's house for a while, and the Friends actress said she's terrible as a roomate! Learn more here

Courteney Cox reveals how is Ellen DeGeneres as a roommate
Courteney Cox reveals how is Ellen DeGeneres as a roommate

One of the most surprising revelations that emerge from the recent interview with Courteney Cox, former protagonist of the legendary series ‘Friends', in The Ellen DeGeneres show, does not concern so much the guest as the hostess of the television space.

At one point in the conversation between the two friends, the comedian assured that she had just moved, temporarily, of course, to the Californian mansion of Courteney Cox. She wasn’t escaping from her own home or anything like that.

Ellen DeGeneres and Courteney Cox on The Ellen DeGeneres show

To avoid malicious rumors and hasty conclusions, Ellen DeGeneres wanted to quickly clarify that his sudden change of residence was not due to any kind of problem in her solid marriage to actress Portia de Rossi.

The reason for her temporary stay with Courteney Cox was much simpler: the couple have sold their Beverly Hills home and decided to momentarily part ways with her until she can move into a new love nest.

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