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Courtney Stodden: Denies everything Chrissy Teigen said about her, as she’s never heard an apology from her

Courtney Stodden revealed her side of her story after Chrissy Teigen’s public apology. Check it out here!

Courtney Stodden says she’s ‘never heard from’ Chrissy Teigen
Courtney Stodden says she’s ‘never heard from’ Chrissy Teigen

Courtney Stodden, 26, revealed that, despite Chrissy Teigen’s recent public apology for cyberbullying her years ago, the model has never reached out — and even blocked her on Twitter!

“I accept her apology and forgive her,” Courtney Stodden, who now uses “they/them” pronouns after coming out as non-binary, wrote on Instagram. “But the truth remains the same, I have never heard from her or her camp in private. In fact, she blocked me on Twitter.”

Courtney Stodden on social media

This contradicts the 35 year-old model’s claim in her apology that she tried to contact Courtney Stodden to apologize privately, but she even posted the proof, a screenshot that shows that effectively, John Legend’s husband has blocked her on Twitter.

“All of me wants to believe this is a sincere apology,” she wrote, accusing her “but it feels like a public attempt to save her partnerships with Target and other brands who are realizing her ‘wokeness’ is a broken record.”

Courtney Stodden

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