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David Beckham, Adam Sandler, Barack Obama and more celebrities who embarrass their children with their pranks

Even celebrities can't help but suffer some moments of real shame at the hands of their parents. David Beckham or Barack Obama are some of the examples, check them out here!

David Beckham embarrasses his son Brooklyn
David Beckham embarrasses his son Brooklyn

David Beckham

The legendary ex-footballer still plays ball with his little ones, especially with Brooklyn. But his close relationship with the eldest of his sons goes further: as he told James Corden, when Brooklyn had their first date, Beckham wanted to check how everything was going and spied on him from five tables away.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart tends to joke around with his boys in many strange ways. Among other things, the actor admitted that he often licks his daughter's face in front of his friends. "My daughter hates that," he gloats.

Mark Wahlberg

At a Lakers game, Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham appeared on the kiss cam and decided to kiss each other warmly ... while squeezing his daughter Ella between them!

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler often makes his children wear clothes with somewhat peculiar messages. Furthermore, they also feel ashamed that the actor never wears long pants, not even when he picks them up from school.

Adam Sandler with his eldest daughter

Mick Jagger

The vocalist of the Rolling Stones is a father who always tries to protect his son Lucas on social networks: he always leaves comments like "good picture" or "be careful" on his profile, like a normal father.

Courteney Cox

Courtney Cox is a caring and caring mother, but once she revealed too many details of her daughter Coco's huge collection of Barbies. Her daughter decided to get rid of all those toys after her mother's revelation. Courtney Cox reveals that the little girl felt very embarrassed. Suddenly, Barbies weren't cool anymore.

Barack Obama

Even a former president can embarrass his daughter. Malia was left in "dirt swallow me" mode when her father, Barack Obama, interrupted a party to sing her happy birthday to him.

David Beckham

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