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Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Megan Fox and more celebrities who got caught stealing

Discover here the celebrities who have been caught stealing, do not follow their example!

Demi Lovato steals pillows from hotels she stays in
Demi Lovato steals pillows from hotels she stays in

Demi Lovato

The singer herself has confessed that when she leaves a hotel, she has to take her pillow, without a doubt. Taking into account the number of hotels she has been to, her home may be Pillow City.

Megan Fox

$ 7 was the cost of the lipstick the actress took from Walmart. Of course, she was not famous yet, only a confused teenager who wanted to call for attention.

Justin Bieber

He used to rob fans' cell phones. The last straw came in 2014 when one of them sued him.

Justin Bieber got caught stealing a fan's cell phone

Britney Spears

There are two facts on the background checklist that would put any thief to shame. One one hand, she once stole a lighter at a gas station that cost her lots of covers around the world. On the other hand, back in 2007, he took a wig from the Hustler Hollywood store without paying. Bad, very bad.

Jackie Chan

Before he was a Hollywood star, they say he stole everything he could and sold it quickly. It was his grandmother who made him promise that he would leave that life and dedicate himself to something more honorable, like breaking every bone making movies.


If there is a case of theft to justify, it is Kesha's. When she was a teenager and homeless, she did not hesitate to steal food to eat.

Margot Robbie

One of the most desirable and stylish actresses in Hollywood was caught taking toilet paper from a hotel. Can this be more embarrassing?

Demi Lovato

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