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Demi Lovato, among a sea of doubts about her gender identity, gives more advances

The pop star was confused about how she might identify sexually in the future.

Demi Lovato.
Demi Lovato.

The American singer Demi Lovato reappeared on the public scene during a public event that belongs to The 19th Represents Summit. But far from focusing his speech on his professional projects, he devoted himself to exposing other aspects of his personal life. Once again, the former Disney girl referred to the changes in her gender identity as well as the spiritual evolution that she is going through at this time.

At 29 years old, Demi Lovato confessed that she does not feel identified with such basic and simplistic gender roles as female and male. In fact, a couple of months ago he revealed that he identified himself as a non-binary person, but a couple of hours ago he gave something to talk about in the international press. It turns out that the singer of Sorry not sorry could feel an affinity for declaring herself Trans.

At the same time, Demi Lovato did not rule out that in the future she could reconcile with the female gender. However, he clarified that it will not do so as drastically as in past times. That is, she was against being hyper-feminine as she did in her early days as a singer. He also assured that he is now a person who flows much more with his personality and left behind the most reductionist and oppressive stereotypes. 

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On the other hand, Demi said that this new statement has one purpose: to expose her self-discovery, her true identity and her personality so that other people take her as an example. In his opinion, it is important to live in harmony with your inner Self, it is important to listen to the essence and what you want to achieve without taking into account the opinions of third parties that, in most cases, are usually destructive. 

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Video taken from the Entertainment Tonight channel.

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