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Demi Moore and her obsession with the body: what are the diets she used to look splendid

While the actress is always great, her diet is not easy.

Demi Moore.
Demi Moore.

For many years, Demi Moore was considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation, however, it seems that time did not make a dent in her face and she remains in that privileged group. Always splendid, radiant and spontaneous; behind his smile are hidden many secrets that allude to his complex diet. 

For many years she felt that if she was not always splendid no one would love her or she would not be accepted by her environment. I didn't want to choose between being sexy or being a mother, I wanted to be able to combine both situations; but that led to very unwise decisions that brought him great problems. 

For a long time, he did the same routine: he got up at dawn to do three hours of cycling, running and weights before going to the set of Question of Honor and that, when he returned home, he would lock himself up again for another three hours in the gym. After that, other challenges came in terms of productions and each time his diet was more restrictive, but the criticisms about his body did not cease. 

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That's when he realized that he shouldn't please anyone, not even to be part of a movie. She realized that, if she was summoned, they had to accept her curves, her real size and everything that made her up. Since then, he abandoned diets and devoted himself to being happy; and there she began to look more and more splendid; as it is today. 

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Video taken from et Canada channel.

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