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Dua Lipa shocks the world, captures on video with her partner

After Dua Lipa's concert in Mexico, she was caught on video with her partner 

Dua and Aron
Dua and Aron

Dua Lipa is an artist who has had her private life well hidden, but yesterday was captured with him who could be her partner, this happened in Mexico, after the concert she gave yesterday, and left fans fascinated.

But the surprises did not end with the concert, during the early morning of September 22, another earthquake was registered in Mexico, a few hours after Dua's concert ended and this surprised the artist who was in a bar in the La Roma neighborhood, famous in Mexico for its clubs and bars.

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When the quake started, the people who were in the locals had to evacuate, while the locals were evacuated, people living in the area also left their homes to get to safety and it was at that moment when several people saw Dua leaving the bar with Aron Piper, Spanish singer and actor, famous for being part of the casting of "Elite" on Netflix.

The artist and actor had already been seen together on several occasions, once in a club in Madrid where they were seen dancing together, the rumors become true and with this we could confirm a relationship.

Dua Lipa already has a partner

Dua Lipa has not said anything about the videos of her and Aron, but there are already several occasions where they are seen together and sharing moments, this could confirm Dua's relationship, breaking the hearts of several of her fans.

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