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Dua Lipa will completely change the course of her musical career

Dua Lipa will totally change the register with her third album! Learn more here.

Dua Lipa opens up about her third album
Dua Lipa opens up about her third album

After  Dua Lipa signed one of the most acclaimed and awarded albums of the year 2020, 'Future Nostalgia' that contained some old disco club rhythms, has established her as one of the new queens of current pop.

But now the 25 year-old singer is preparing to star in a remarkable change of register, with a Madonna or Lana del Reystyle, her number one idol. Her music references will be reflected in his next album, the third LP of his musical career.

The pop star's own record company has indicated that the British interpreter is willing to embark on new challenges both sound and compositional in order to surprise her followers, so her next album will bring with it notable differences with respect to its predecessor both in its 'magnitude' and in many other aspects.

Dua Lipa for Future Nostalgia

About the new album

This artistic twist, it seems, had been simmering for some time as 'Future Nostalgia' dominated the charts around the world. "I was already talking about number 3 when we had just released number 2.”

The most expected thing would be that she wanted to take a break or give herself a little more time to work, or talk about when she won "New female solo artist" at the BRITS 2021, but the truth is that as soon as her last production came out, she was already planning her third album! Come on, next!

She has been working calmly on the concept for a season, but Dua Lipa, whose height is 5'8”, believes in herself and knows that she can offer something completely different, with another magnitude and the fruit of her unstoppable growth as an artist", explained Joe Kentish, President of the British division of Warner Records, in conversation with Variety.

Dua Lipa

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