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Ella Emhoff: Who is her new boyfriend and where did she meet him

Ella Emhoff and her boyfriend, ‘GQ’ editor Sam Hine, were seen in rare photos taken amid a romantic outing in Manhattan. Learn more here!

Ella Emhoff and Sam Hine are dating
Ella Emhoff and Sam Hine are dating

Love is in the air in Manhattan, because Kamala Harris’s step daughter Ella Emhoff, 22, and GQ senior associate editor Sam Hine, 27, were photographed holding hands through the city on May 31.

Ella Emhoff and Sam Hine holding hands

As expected of a couple made up of a Parsons graduate and fashion journalist, the couple were of course rocking editorial-worthy looks for this romantic stroll. Although this romance is fresh, Ella Emhoff and Sam Hine have been pictured together here and there in NYC.

The most fashionable couple

It makes sense that Ella Emhoff has struck up a relationship with a fashion expert from GQ — like her well-dressed beau, Ella’s calling is in fashion. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in May with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in textile design, with a specialization in knitwear.

Ella, who is the daughter of Kamala’s husband, Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, has certainly made her mark as one of the most fashion-forward family members associated with the White House, which is recognition that she earned when she showed up to the presidential inauguration in a Miu Miu coat.

Ella Emhoff

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