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Elon Musk: Nobody in SNL wants him as a host but instead asks Twitter for ideas for the show amid backlash

Elon Musk seems more concerned about pitching “SNL” skits than facing backlash. Check out what he said!

Elon Musk asks fans for SNL skit ideas
Elon Musk asks fans for SNL skit ideas

Elon Musk asked fans to share their sketch ideas as he prepares to host “SNL” on May 8 — after some of the show’s stars expressed outrage that he nabbed the gig. “Throwing out some skit ideas for SNL. What should I do?” the 49-year-old asked his 52.5 million Twitter followers over the weekend.

The controversial Tesla CEO followed up the tweet with three of his own pitches: “Woke James Bond,” “Baby Shark & Shark Tank merge to form Baby Shark Tank,” and “Irony Man – defeats villains using the power of irony.”

Elon Musk on social media

Some commenters suggested ideas, including, “Extraterrestrials found your Tesla Roadster sent to space in 2018 & are trying to figure out what it is,” “You play Chris Hansen on “To Catch a PP loan” with Ross Gerber,” and, “Something about how it is all a simulation,” while many of the responses to Musk’s tweets were real zingers.

“You meeting with SNL writers using the same motivational techniques you use with $TSLA engineers. Elon: I need this done tomorrow or you’re fired. SNL Writer: In your dreams a–hole,” one user responded.

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