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Emma Thompson: Causes a commotion in the London Underground for this reason

Emma Thompson rode the London Underground dressed as her character in 'Cruella.' Can you believe it? Discover more here!

Emma Thompson's funny story in Cruella de Vil
Emma Thompson's funny story in Cruella de Vil

Emma Thompson, 62, is responsible for embodying the villain of the story (or at least the worst of the villians in the story) in the new Disney film about the origins of Cruella de Vil. She gets into the shoes of Baroness Von Hellman, a fashion legend with a very sadistic edge.

Like her co-star Emma Stone, she had to don the creations of two Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan, which forced her to call on a whole team of people just so she could go to the bathroom between takes.

During one of the filming days, British actress Emma Thompson, who is Phyllida Law's daughter, ended up riding the subway through the city of London dressed up as her character after the production car got stuck in a traffic jam.

Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil

The funniest story

"We couldn't get to where we were filming, so I said, 'We have to go out. We have to go by subway.' She was wearing huge eyelashes; she looked like a flame ... I swear to God I thought, 'Nothing is going to happen. It is only a Sunday, at 9 in the morning, there will be no one '.

But she was wrong. The subway was full. She confessed it all to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in a video call he had with the royal couple this week. To her surprise, none of the travelers were surprised to see a woman dressed as a 70s style icon.

"No one looked at me twice. Everyone clearly thought she was a drag queen on her way home after the job". However, Emma Stone did not dare to accompany her on her adventure with public transport and preferred to be late:.

"They had to carry me to get into the car and I said: 'I will not go on the subway. Emma will go by the subway, okay, but I'm not going to do it. I'll just sit here for another hour. ' How bold is Emma Thompson!

Emma Thompson played Beauty and The Beast, Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Meyerowitz Stories. She also starred in the romantic comedy ‘The Remains of the Day’ with Anthony Hopkins. She also won a Golden Globe last year.

Emma Thompson

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