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Grimes: Elon Musk’s Girlfriend Hospitalized For Mental Health After ‘SNL’ Appearance With Miley Cyrus

After a weekend of fun in NYC with her boyfriend, Canadian musician Grimes suffered such a brutal panic attack that she went to the hospital, which she admitted was ‘quite scary.’ Learn more here!

Grimes suffered from a panic attack after SNL appearance
Grimes suffered from a panic attack after SNL appearance

Grimes reminisced about her time hanging out with Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Live in an Instagram post on May 11. The post came three days after the ladies appeared on the show, and Grimes explained why it took her so long to share the images.

“Forgot to post these cuz I somehow caused myself to have a panic attack and went to the hospital yesterday which tbh was quite scary, and I supposed it’s a good time to start therapy, ” she wrote under the photo.

Grimes with Miley Cyrus on social media

While Miley Cyrus was a musical guest on the May 8 episode of SNL, Grimes was in attendance to support her boyfriend, Elon Musk, who was hosting the show. She even dressed up as Princess Peach to appear in a Mario Brothers skit during the live taping!

In her Instagram post, Grimes gushed over both Miley Cyrus and Elon Musk, as well, and shared photos of herself and Miley dressed in their pink outfits. Although they seem like an unlikely couple, they have been going strong since they first got together at the beginning of 2018. They even share a child together, baby with the coolest name ever, X Æ A-Xii.


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